Whiskey Glasses-Premium 12 OZ Scotch Glasses Set of 6 /Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses/Great Gift for Scotch Lovers/Style Glassware for Bourbon/Rum glasses/Bar Tumbler Whiskey Glasses, Clear




Product Description

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Product Description


25 OZ 11 OZ 16 OZ 10 OZ 8 OZ 2 OZ 12 OZ
Clear Clear Colored Clear Clear
Material Type
Non-Leaded Crystal Non-Leaded Crystal Non-Leaded Crystal Non-Leaded Crystal Non-Leaded Crystal




Dimensions Height: 3.8in Diameter: 3.5in Capacity: 12oz Details

– Crystalline glass

– Dishwasher safe

– Lead Free

Product Description

With a weighted bottom, our stylish old fashioned whiskey glasses make a great tumbler set for the cabinet. Ideal for a stiff whiskey and a couple of large clear ice cubes.

These tumblers are made from premium crystalline glass like all our new range for long lasting transparency and shine.

They aren’t just for whiskey though, they can pull off a mean cocktail or two for the home dinner parties.


Farielyn-X Glass

The Farielyn-X brand takes users to a world where sophistication, beauty and quality are the most important values. Every day, we enrich the lives of millions of people in all corners of the globe, creating unique glassware for various occasions: alcohol, drinks, serving dishes, as well as decorative and gift glassware. We are inspired by the lives of modern people, but let’s not forget about history and tradition. Ideas come from the diversity of the places and people that surround us. We value simplicity and minimalism. As a result, our glassware is a perfect complement to all kinds of interior designs.









Transparent Glasses

Each batch of our raw materials is tested to ensure that the quenching manufacturing process is clear of any signs of external particles / substances that may cause the potential darkening of our glasses.

Premium Glass

The highest quality, transparent glass. Our glass beautifully diffuses the light, allowing you to not only look at the contents of the glass, but also to observe interesting effects of light reflection.

Long Lasting Glasses

Farielyn-X Glasses are like ceramics and have all of their properties: durability, strength and brittleness, high electrical and thermal resistance, and lack of chemical reactivity. This leads to long lasting lifespan of several years.

Lead Free Glasses

Increasing environmental considerations mean that glasses containing lead are being phased out of use wherever possible. Farielyn-X ensures that the raw ingredients we use in the manufacturing process is lead-free.

🥃 WE PROMISE SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Crystal clear whiskey glass set, amazing craftsmanship & quality, Use as a Scotch Glass or Bourbon Glass. All Farielyn-X’s glasses are LEAD-FREE, dishwasher safe & resistant to breakage, chipping & scratching. Cheers!
🥃 ENJOY A BETTER WHISKEY DRINKING EXPERIENCE -The serious whisky lover knows that the details truly matter. Your favorite liquor of choice has been waiting in an aged barrel for 18 years. Give your whiskey the proper respect by pouring it into a glass that maintains your alcohols full flavor profile.
🥃EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED AT HOME – Perfect set of 6 premium whiskey glasses that you can use for whisky, scotch, bourbon, vodka and almost any cocktails you can think of 12 oz, feel comfortable with your hands, not small for ice cube.
🥃 A THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR WHISKEY LOVERS! Birthday, Anniversary or Father’s Day. Each Old Fashioned Rocks glass is carefully wrapped by hand and packaged in a custom gift box. Skip the wrapping! WE LOVE TO MAKE THINGS EASY FOR YOU!
🥃 PERFECT DELIVER – These fun whiskey glass are dishwasher safe. If they are damaged in any way upon arrival, we will send you a replacement set free of charge.

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